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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 12: Managing a Space

Alex Hillman is joined with teammate, Adam Teterus, again for episode 12.

Staying Motivated

It is important to stop for a moment and take note of where you are.  Try not to constantly get swept away by the next thing. Allow yourself to say no to some things.  It is important to be able to prioritize your duties. You do not always need to help immediately. You can circle back to some jobs after you finish your current project.  This can be hard sometimes because it feels like you are not doing your job of serving the community.

However, step back and think about how helping this one individual is going to help Indy Hall as a whole and everyone within it.  Service to members is often thought of as reactive. This is not sustainable. It is impossible to always be doing whatever members need.  Additionally, this is training a bad habit of dependence into the community. Strong reliance on team members creates less opportunities for managers to help everyone.

Talking to Peers

It is important to reach out and try to find people who are in similar roles as you to be a support system.  It helps to have someone to talk to who understands what your job demands. They are the only ones who can fulling understand what you are going through which opens up dialogue.

Having an outlet for expression of frustration, stress, confusion, etc. is essential.  This seems like a simple thing, but when you know you do not have to explain the context to the people you are talking to, it is a completely different support system.  It helps with talking through issues and obstacles because they can understand it.


Communication is a really big skill that everyone can get better at.  Remember, communication will never be perfect. It is one of the hardest things to measure.  How effective you are in it and how to improve are difficult to gauge.

Having a more open channel between employee and boss creates a massive impact on the quality of work life.  When there is no relationship, a lot of things get left out. There needs to be a certain level of comfort and trust in the relationship which can only be fostered through communication.  It can be hard to ask for help but opening up the line of communication with the person who hired you increases trust.


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